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Clients: Show category name on tile#105


Per title, right now it’s a guess what category has been assigned (if it’s assigned by the downloader correctly).

This would save on tapping on the kebab menu, change category, select category when not needed/things have been auto assigned by the client.
Could the download tile of the item show the category?
Filename from indexer
category - remaining time - downloaded/total - % downloaded

So like this:
movies - HH:MM:SS - 1000/10000 MB - 10%

24 days ago

Apologies for the long response time.

This is definitely planned when SABnzbd and NZBGet get reworked after the upcoming Radarr rework!

6 days ago
Changed the status to
Planned: No Date
6 days ago
Changed the title from "Show category name in Sabnzbd/NZBGet download page" to "Clients: Show category name on tile"
6 days ago